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We hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Steve Guttenberg spent some time with our Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter and presents various speaker pairings and valuable feedback on how they may benefit your system!


Check out our open box and closeout savings. We've got everything from subwoofers and towers, to bookshelves and super tweeters and a variety of other goodies that you can score a great deal on. Deals start at 15% off and only get better from there.

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Enhance a warm summer evening outside on your deck alongside friends and family with our new Clearus 6.5" Outdoor/Indoor Speakers. Now you can get the award-winning Aperion sound for your favorite music on your patio, deck or pool area at an affordable price. It really doesn’t get much better than that! Enjoying music outside is easy, but until now it’s been difficult to get great sound and tight bass in an outdoor setting without spending a fortune. So get the grill fired up and enjoy sound as warm as the summer sun with your Clearus 6.5" Outdoor Speakers.

Our new Clearus Outdoor speaker includes a 70V switcher which allows for easy use within commercial settings or where multiple speakers will be daisy chained together.

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Featured Audio System

Our long time customer John recently upgraded from the Verus Grand towers to the new flagship Verus III Concert V8T Tower speakers. We truly appreciate him sharing these photos of his beautiful home and top notch audio system!

"Salutations! After waiting for 52 years to assemble a TRUE Home Theater without incurring a mortgage to our house, I believe that I am on the very cusp of completion! I have been a loyal customer of Aperion Audio for a very long time slowly and methodically purchasing various speakers to achieve Home Cinematic Bliss. Let's start with the front Towers. A pair of BRAND NEW Aperion Audio Verus III Concert V8T Towers saddled with a pair of Aperion Audio Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeters, an Aperion Audio Verus III Grand V6C Center channel with its own Aperion Audio Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter, a pair of Aperion Audio Verus III Grand V6T Towers also saddled with Aperion Audio Planar-Magnetic Flat Ribbon Super Tweeters for my Surrounds, a pair of Aperion Audio Verus I Grand V6T Towers for my Rear Surrounds and 6 Aperion Audio Clearus 6C Angled 6.5 inch 2-way in-ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos (A 13.2 Set up). The powerhouse feeding the energy-hungry Fronts is a Monoprice Monolith 7X producing 300 watts per channel @ 4 ohms to the NEW Concert Towers, which are bi-amped, to reveal every nuanced whisper to thunderous explosion with depth, presence, and undeniable authority, with 200 watts per channel to the Center and Side Surrounds @ 6 ohms. A Denon AVR X8500H Flagship steers the show feeding the Rear Surrounds and Atmos speakers 150 watts per channel @ 8 ohms. Entertainment is provided by an OPPO UDP-205 4K Ultra Bluray Player and an LG 78" OLED display. Home Cinema, DEFINED!" - John G.


Latest Reviews

Our band of reviewers have been rocking Aperion's latest speaker designs since recently receiving the first round of inventory. We know you've been patient, and excited for these products to arrive and the reviews to post, as have we! We're in stock and ready to ship on just about every Verus and Novus speaker. Sit back, grab your favorite drink to sip, and enjoy watching these reviewers get hands on with our newest speakers! Don't forget to pick up a new set up speakers for yourself and enjoy the latest offerings from Aperion!


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